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Menu: File - New Library Help F. Video Lessons. Contacts Site Map. Face Britain Photo Mosaic by Mazaika. Glazer Dove of Peace Mosaic. Scars of Dracula Online photo mosaic. Interactive search cells by movie names. Mazaika for macOS. For Mac:. Designed for macOS Requires macOS Older version for Mac OS X Designed for Windows Requires Windows Vista or later. Alternative download link.

Some user comments: This is an awesome bit of software! After looking for hours this is by far the easiest to use and does the job elegantly and perfectly. MacOSaiX for Mac provides a good mix of image mosaicking capabilities along with easier access to sources such as Google Image and Flickr. Just doesn't work.

I wish to say something nice but I can't see a result to post anything positive. It just keep shutting down. Never a finished picture. I changed the setting. I restarted the computer. Don't know what else I need to do. Although it takes a while to be put together, I can't complain!

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Low cost and does exactly what I want. Rendering the mosaic takes time -- depending on the number of image sources and speed of your CPU. A one-trick pony with a really neat trick.

The image-of-images mosaic generator

I used it to create a corporate promotional piece, building a mosaic of the company logo with puzzle-shaped tiles using a source directory of pictures. The program selects and places each image to best match a spot in the resulting mosaic, then continues to optimize placement, shifting images for the best result. A test with current version: 25 minutes to render a mosaic, selecting from a folder of images to fill tiles. Very cool! This review was originally posted on VersionTracker.

I liked it enough to leave feedback. It's excellent. You can make fantastic mosaics from your iPhoto library with a couple of clicks, and it's free!

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One thing I've used this tool for two years now. It just keeps getting better. Easy to use, fast and mesmerizing to watch in action. I can't imagine trying to do this by hand.

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Thank you. I've used this program for a couple of years now. I had a crash with version 2. It would be great if they could fix the Google Image search, because it is definitely broken.

TurboMosaic 3.0.15 – Best Photo Mosaic Maker for Mac

I had no problems with Flikr, however. I get much better and faster results if I only put in one image source request such as requesting Flikr to find dogs, puppies, beagles, poodles, etc. If I put in a lot of image requests, it can scan through , images without ever completing, but if I keep the requests brief, it finishes quickly. From my experience, the older version atleast works. The new version crashed on me 4 times before I uninstalled it and reloaded the first version..

If you try to over work the program by editing image sources or tiles, you loose your work.. Just having downloaded 2. NOTE: The problems listed below apply to my machine - your mileage may vary. Bugs to be aware of: - picking a local folder of images must be repeated after each tiling run - on the second try, it doesn't find any more source images. Remove the folder from the sources, then add it again.

The photo mosaic maker could add some interesting and abstract mosaic effect to your images and photos. The process of making a mosaic using the app is very simple. Select and open the image you like, and you simply need to apply the mosaic effect to distort or pixelate your photo. Then, adjust the slider to replace the pixel size and voila! You can save your work and pick your preferred size and format. This online app controls the photo mosaic software together with some excellent simple-to-use, DIY features.

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When we talk about mosaic design, the platform in a series of ways consider the even balance among their creative artistic design and software to be the highest priority. Mozaus is an online mosaic creator that will enable you to come up with very amazing mosaics for your images within a short period. With four simple steps, you can create creatively and present an interesting mosaic that is composed of hundreds and even thousands of details. You see, Mozaus will undoubtedly help you make any images unforgettable. You can always check all the details of the mosaic.

Hence, you could make a wonderful custom mosaic easily by using the free software in your PC. Mazaika is also a photomosaic creation app. It generates mosaic photos that are composed of any small photos, like a Monalisa poster — a composite of hundreds or thousands of small images which mimic another bigger picture. You can employ photo files in almost any size and format for this composition.

You will find a lot of adjustable parameters for control of the making process. You might adjust any single tile in the mosaic and include a custom tile into the location you wish. Studio Artist offers thousands of options that range from watercolors to acrylics to sufficient eye-catching special effects. Every brush is accessed from one Presets control panel along with an Editor tab for fine-tuning. With the help of the brushes, photos could be painted from scratch. With Texture Synthesis mode, the abstract textures can be generated which are procedurally made, and thus independent of the resolution.

Another editor you should not miss is TurboMosaic. You see, this platform is a photo mosaic software which allows you to make the most memorable and excellent photo mosaics with less effort.