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The Disk Usage feature will help you see exactly what is taking up space on your hard drive: Movavi's cleaner for Mac will scan the drive and show you, in graphical form, where all that space is being wasted. Delete Unwanted Applications Completely Use Uninstaller to track down and delete associated files left behind after removing an application. Get rid of unwanted files completely. Just like PCs, Macs are vulnerable to computer viruses and other cyberthreats. The Mac Cleaner app includes robust firewall and antivirus protection to keep your Mac safe and secure.

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Mac Cleaner will keep the junk and malware off your desktop computer or laptop. Use this Mac cleaning tool routinely and your computer will always be as fast as new! So, if you use any kind of computer from Apple, Mac Cleaner is the right tool to sweep your machine clean of useless data. Just wait until you experience the joy of working on your computer after our junk file cleaner has finished deleting log files, clearing caches, and emptying all the trash bins.

Moreover, if you want to keep your Mac safe and secure, Mac Cleaner is your perfect choice. Clean and protect your Mac today to enjoy it again like a breath of fresh air!

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Why is my Mac so slow? You just need a good cleaning app! Download for Free. Clear out gigabytes of space! Remove programs and their hidden support files Uninstall stubborn apps that are hard to remove Delete junk files that always get left behind after typical uninstalls Safely remove apps without a trace Download for Free.

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The developer might also update users of any serious compatibility issues. You should also check for old bit apps on your system. Scroll down the left pane and select Applications from the Software section. Wait for few seconds to build the list of installed apps. In the right pane, look for the bit Intel column header. Adjust the column widths and click the header to sort the list.

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  • 1. Quit or Force-Quit the App;

This means that if you rely on a bit app, you should find a replacement or contact the developer about updating it. Aside from this, most developers have their apps ready to go when a new macOS version releases, but you may run into bugs early on.

2. Restart Your Mac

Check support forums and similar communities to see if others have had your issue. According to the Apple developer documentation , the preference files follow a standard naming convention, known as reverse domain naming system. It includes the company name, then application identifier, followed by the property list file extension. For example, com. A developer might use a proprietary naming convention, but concentrating on the app name usually makes it clear.

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For example, org. Open the Library folder and set the window to List view, then click the Name column to sort the list alphabetically. Type the app name in the Search field. To narrow the search results, click the Plus button and set the second row to System files are included.

Drag the preference file to your desktop. Since a background server process maintains the entire preference architecture, you need to clear its cache to remove the outdated preference information. Now, open the Terminal and type killall cfprefsd , and press Return. AppCleaner is a free utility to uninstall any Mac app without leaving data behind. But it can also remove the preference file without touching the rest of an app. Type an app name into AppCleaner, and click it to load the results. Uncheck the app, tick all the other options, and click Remove.

Speaking of cleaning apps, here are a few factors you should consider while choosing a Mac cleaning app Are Mac Cleaning Apps Worthless? But are they really worth using? And are you interested in digging deeper into your Mac Library? Let's see what apps are inside.

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All Mac apps use caches. The cache file stores frequently used information, which helps apps run more efficiently. If a cache file becomes corrupt for some reason, then an app may crash or misbehave while reading that file. The app name follows the same naming convention as the preference files.

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Quit the app, and look for the particular cache file or folder in the above location. Once you locate them, drag them to the trash. The app will again regenerate the cache files automatically. If the app has display issues, you might want to clean the system level font cache.

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Open the Terminal and type the following:. Press Return and type your administrator password at the prompt. When the process is complete, restart your Mac. Here are several places to find and clear temporary files to regain storage space on macOS. Read More indiscriminately, because they keep your Mac performance smooth.