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Kudos to you Lightshot for an extremely useful app! Mac App Store Preview. Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. Description Allows you to capture any part of your Mac screen. Feb 10, Version 2. Size Category Productivity.

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Compatibility OS X Languages English. It will be saved as "screenshot" labeled with the date and time. Earlier versions of OS X will save it as "Picture "—for example, if it's the 5th screenshot on your desktop it will be labeled "Picture 5". Method 2.

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Your cursor will turn into a small cross-hair reticle. Click and drag your cursor to highlight the area you'd like to take a picture of. A grayed rectangle should appear where you drag your cursor. If you need to adjust your windows at all, press Escape to return to a regular cursor without taking a picture.

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Let go of the mouse. You should hear a brief camera shutter noise if your computer's sound is turned on. That signals that your screenshot has been taken. It will be saved as a. Earlier versions of OS X will save it as "Picture "—for example, if it's the 5th screenshot on your desktop it will be labeled as "Picture 5". Use the screenshot. Once you have taken your screenshots, they are now ready to be used as needed.

You can attach them to an email, upload them to the Web, or even drag them straight into an application such as a word processor. Method 3. The cross-hair will turn into a small camera.

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You can press Spacebar again to switch back to the reticle. Move your cursor over the window you want to capture.

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The camera will highlight different windows blue as it moves over them. Click on the window. The picture of the window you selected will be saved to the desktop by default just like the other screenshot methods. Method 4. This method works exactly like the one above, except the screenshot does not immediately create a file. Instead, the image is saved to the clipboard, the same temporary storage area where your computer remembers the text that you have copied.

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Your screenshot image can be pasted straight into any compatible application, such as a Word document, an image editing program, and many email services. Method 5. This opens the Grab application.

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You will see the menus shown in the upper left of your screen, but no windows will open. Click the Capture menu and choose between the four different options.

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A window will pop up telling you where to click and letting you know that the window will not appear in the shot. To take a picture of a portion of your screen, click on Selection. A window will pop up instructing you to drag your mouse over the portion of your screen you'd like to capture. To take a picture of a specific window, select Window. Then, click on the window you'd like to take a picture of.

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