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So I type quit and return to the bash prompt.

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If you get no ouput, success. Otherwise, something went wrong, and you should quit now or seek other counsel. Assuming it worked, you should be able to access your OS X partition thusly:. It should be fine, but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of reformatting. You can double check your work by running mount with no arguments to see a list of all mounted partitions.

I just upgraded to a Powerbook from a Toshiba laptop and was unable to access my external drive that has ext3. I found your site to get the correct OS X file system type and then it worked great, thanks! The write support works well too and you have to love that speedy USB2 connection. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I suppose I should thank google too, for helping me find your page. The following comment was left on this post about mounting an OS X partition from Ubuntu: […].

what file system can mac and linux both read and write to?

I did a google search expecting to find an answer in the ubuntu forums on how to do it from an install and I was ready to adapt the instrucctions to work on a mac in LiveCD mode. MB, GB h. I am switching from Mac to Linux long story! Few quick google searches pointed me to this website. This option allows comments to bypass moderation if the commenter has a previously approved comment. For example, my Ubuntu drive mounting tutorial draws a lot of thank-you comments, and many of them are very brief- they could be legit, or they could be someone trying to get me to approve one comment, so they can spam freely.

How to Install and Dual Boot Linux and Mac OS

As a fellow WP user, Akismet does just wonderful for me and I set the moderation threshhold to sandbox any comments with links in it. Other than that, my blog is open to reader comments. Thanks for the site. I was able to mount the drive, but I cannot access specific folders under my user account on the Mac e. Is there a way to mount the drive as a specific user or provide a username and password?

How To Use SSHFS to Mount Remote File Systems Over SSH | DigitalOcean

For those who cant access their files once the drive is mounted type the following command, sudo su. This will give you admin access and no password is required. You could also try booting off a Linux LiveCD Ubuntu is my personal choice , backing up your stuff to your external drive, and reinstalling. I just wanted to add my own to the long list of Thank Yous. I had an old PowerPC lying around, but could not use it because someone else had set up a single user account and forgotten the password. Hi I am buying a macbook pro 17" soon, as now they have almost everything I want in a laptop so I don't have to lug around the heavy 17" one I built two years ago.

My current laptop uses Ubuntu So I will be putting Ubuntu And two of the reasons I am getting a mac is 1 it's not winblows, and 2 I know it will work great with my iPhone and iPad.

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I also have a MacBook air that was given as a gift but I hate it and doesn't have enough space plus no dvd drive. I am wondering what file system can Linux and Mac both fully read and write to as I will be switching between the two. Mainly will use Linux. Mac will only be for iTunes, and video editing. Nor as customizable. But it does have a couple apps that are really cool that Linux doesn't quite have.

Not too shabby. I need to know as I want to store my music and videos on a filesystem that can both read and write to a partition on both linux and mac. I don't care if it means installing a driver or whatever on Mac as long as it works, and works well. And no I don't want it on Fat As I may be storing some files bigger than it allows. Thanks for taking the time to read this and help out guys!

make Ubuntu looks like Mac OS X - Ubuntu 18.04 - mac OS X -

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How To Create A Bootable Ubuntu USB Drive For Mac In OS X

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