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In addition to the embedded chip, Smart Cards are usually programmed with a PIN to ensure security for both the card holder and the system being accessed. Having reached tremendous adoption rates outside of the U. The federal government issues Common Access Cards programmed with a Personal Identification Verification PIV chip containing the data necessary for the cardholder to be properly identified and granted access to secure federal facilities and information systems. Smart Cards have been in use by the federal government in accordance with Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 HSPD since , and now the technology is rapidly spreading to banking, healthcare and other areas requiring identity verification and secured access.

TAA compliance indicates that a specific product follows the requirements outlined in the Trade Agreements Act of , basically stating that the product is made in either the United States or a designated country. The designated country list includes those entered into free trade agreement with the U.

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Government purchase contracts, especially those for the Department of Defense, generally stipulate a product be TAA compliant in order to be considered for purchase. Additionally, several of these products are already listed on the GSA Approved Products List so government contractors, distributors and buying offices may refer to the following APL numbers listed below. For more information or questions about TAA compliance products, please contact us directly. IOGEAR manufactures innovative, high-performance and reliable products to help users connect to complex and sophisticated technology for their home or business.

Toll Free: Phone: Support: support iogear. If your reader does not look this this, go to the next step. Below " Hardware " click " USB. If you are already at 5. You can now Quit System Profiler and continue to Step 3. If your reader does not look like these, go to Step 3. If you see 0x, your reader is installed on your system, and no further hardware changes are required. Step 2d1c- SCRA reader.

Hold the control key [on your keyboard] when clicking the.

How to set up CAC reader on personal computer?

You need to know this information for step 6. Look at the back of your ID card above the black strip for these card types. If you have any version other than the five shown below, you need to visit an ID card office and have it replaced. All CACs [other than these five] were supposed to be replaced prior to 1 October A guide to help figure out which CAC you have.

Find out how to flip card over video. Firefox users also follow guidance in 5a below:. Go to Keychain Access. Click: Go top of screen , Utilities, double click Keychain Access. You can also type: keychain access using Spotlight this is my preferred method. Select login under Keychains , and All Items under Category.


Save to your downloads folder. Please know IF You have any DoD certs already located in your keychain access, you will need to delete them prior to running the AllCerts.

MilitaryCAC's Mac OS X Installation Steps Page

Double click each of the files to install certificates into the login section of keychain. Select the Kind column, and make sure the arrow is pointing up, scroll down to certificate, look for all of the following certificates:. NOTE: If you are missing any of the above certificates, you have 2 choices,.

Download the allcerts. Error Solution.

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You may notice some of the certificates will have a red circle with a white X. This means your computer does not trust those certificates.

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You may be prompted to enter computer password. Some of the "bad certs" that have caused problems for Windows users now show up in the keychain access section on some Macs.

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  8. The icons may or may not have a red circle with the white x. If you have tried accessing CAC enabled sites prior to following these instructions, please go through this page before proceeding. Clearing the keychain opens a new page. Don't forget to come back to this page to continue.