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Today I decided to make a short and easy to remember alias to speed up the process.

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Press once to show hidden files and again to hide them. Thanks to Guido Schlabitz for making me aware of this new shortcut.

How to fix spotlight search on a Mac

This will show all hidden files. To hide them again, follow the same steps but replace the Terminal command with:. A Terminal alias is a name or shortcut for one or multiple commands.

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Using an easy to remember alias, we can turn the above four step process into just one. Assuming Spotlight is working as intended though, mdfind is very fast, efficient, and a bit more user friendly. Because mdfind is like Spotlight, it can also be used to search the content of files and folders for a specific file. To find all documents containing someones name could be done as follows:.

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Much like the find command, sending results to more may be useful when sorting through a lot of files, like so:. Know of any other great search tricks or file location methods for the command line? Share with us in the comments. Enjoy this tip?

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    How to Find out Large Files on Mac OS X

    For example,. The -exec flag lets you run arbitrary commands on the output of find.

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