Mac vs pc pros cons 2012

As for Mac VS. PC that depends on you. Macs have nicer presentation and I find are easier to figure out. Yahoo Answers: Answers and Comments for Mac vs. PC, what are the pros and cons of each? Macs: Pros — Stylish and attractive. Macs have been consistently voted the most attractive computers on the market, having slick hardware and user interface designs. Mac Pros and Windows Cons. These are some of the major pros and cons when it comes to Mac and PCs.

Mac versus pc pros and cons

Our campus is a mixed Mac and Windows environment. In response, I developed a list of …. By Jasmin source: Aug 24th, Last week, I finally took the plunge and bought a Mac. After my ancient 10 lb. You get what you pay for, right? I know Mac's are great if you're a software developer because it is apparently a pain to code on Windows computers, but other than that I just Mac vs PC: Which should I buy?

Which is better — Macs or PCs? Computer Weekly content editor Faisal Alani gives his opinion on their respective advantages and disadvantages. A gamer will always prefer a Windows PC, simply because all games are compatible with it. On the other hand, a sound engineer or a video editor will prefer to work with Mac for its superior support in that segment. Linux users are open source proponents and they like the The iMac, the only Mac desktop other than the Mac Pro, is an all-in-one However, this time Microsoft fanboys have taken the lead and installed a huge Windows logo outside an under construction Apple store in Hamburg, Germany - Watch the video which has gone viral after the jump.

PC Pros and Cons. Pros: Apple is known for its streamlined, one-of-a-kind design. My current HP Pavilion is making far too much noise for me to feel confident about its life Yahoo Answers: Answers and Comments for Pc vs mac? If you like computer games, most titles are available for the PC only.

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There are also a lot of other applications that seem to run under Windows only Advantages of the Mac The Mac PC vs Mac for Photography Nasim Mansurov Comments When it comes to photo editing, both PC and Mac platforms can be very powerful and highly capable, with each having its own list of pros and cons. Choosing one platform over the other can be a difficult choice, because there are so many different aspects and variables to consider. Pros cons mac vs pc Blog Pros cons mac vs pc Mac vs. I had hoped that the Creative Cloud Federal agency program would improve installation and use problems.

I was wrong. Luckily, the agency approves my requests for purchasing Macs as stand-alone work stations not connected to their network. On the Mac Pro wine-bottle-carafe, I have the speed and flexibility to do my work. I will write requests for approval to purchase Mac, and endure the long bureaucratic approval process, until I retire. Very good information you have shared. Specially about photoshop. A a photoshop design i do not have read this before. Darrell Irish. Price for buck..

For that extra comfort and build quality MAC. Typesetting is definitely better on a Mac. How do you get an en dash on a Mac? How the hell do you do it on a PC? Is it that easy to access special characters, or do you have to use GREP or search and replace? I would be interested to hear from someone who is doing print typesetting on the other side of the fence, though: What features give Windows a comparative advantage over macOS for typesetting?

Blake, may I ask how do you handle fonts between PC and Mac? In the past that was a real nightmare. Thank you.

Mac versus pc pros and cons

OpenType is the current standard font format; it is far superior to PostScript Type 1, because OpenType has access to the vastly larger Unicode character set and advanced typographic features. Adobe had converted their entire font library to OpenType by the end of , and stopped selling PostScript fonts in a dozen years ago. If this is new information to you, you may want to use Google and Wikipedia to educate yourself about what has been happening in the world of digital typography in the last twenty years.

I have used Windows in all its versions incarnate since almost the dawn of time DOS to 3. Never had a desire to touch a Mac during all this time. Most of the work I did was development and Microsoft just had better tools in general. Code development in the Unix environment in general is relegated to the console and sucks. Another reason I was turned off to Macs is that it was so stinking closed.

For the first time now, I had to do some work on a Macbook, and because I already am familiar with Unix-based environments, it was very easy to pick up and learn. Any hiring manager or anyone for that matter who prejudices one system over another is clearly ignorant and projecting their own fears and doubts onto someone else. Software development is very different from graphic design. You mention the time of DOS and Windows 3. Phoenix Pop Productions.

I used parallel for mac until I was noticing a lot of issues with lagging. After really learning the Mac inside out and then being on the support team, I soon fell in love with the Mac. I find software for both that I love. Blender 3D is a great 3D package for free, by the way. One of the most important things for PC users to know is that you have to get the right graphics card for what you are doing. VERY big difference between an excellent gaming card and an excellent graphics designing card and yet another which is optimized for doing 3D work.

Yes, you can find a great card that can handle all 3, but depending on what is more important, I would find the card that is optimized for your what you do the most. I have had the privilege to use and support a great number of different software for viruses. Many of the coders who write the viruses have access to online resources where they can upload their virus to see if it will be detected by any of the known antivirus software and if detected, it tells them what to modify in order to keep it from being detected. The parts that are on the hidden sectors check the hardrive and if parts are missing, calls out to its parents as soon as it sees an internet connection.

People used to think that if you stayed away from bad websites that you would be safe. Not so. When anyone that visited that normal business website, they were immediately infected. Apple does charge more for their products. There is a reason. They hire top notch employees. Windows keeps their programmers separated. Not many people see the whole programming of Windows. Viruses need to see a vulnerability in the programming, thus, there are more problems with Windows. Sorry for the novel. We live in the time of Twitter and this or that chat where messages are kept short and sweet.

No, its silence. I can not work with Windows. Windows is annoying, there is no silence. This is a practical reason. I have never worked on a pc in 25 years except for about 2 days several years ago, and requested a mac. I found the use of different keys in another spot on the keyboard frustrating to no end. Especially after 25 years of mac shortcut commands.

A near impossible change after so many years. Any suggestions? This is a huge reason for my not accepting this new position. Not a massive mac snob, just grown to love Finder tbh with regard to filing etc. Amanda Johnson. As a graphic person, I must say my heart and soul is MAC. Lots of little things that make me want to throw the whole PC out the Window a log a call saying the PC has crashed literally and then go out and buy my own apple.

New mac are simply no longer computers for designers. Punch cards and all that. Over the intervening years I have used just about every personal computer there ever was. I have used many MS Windows PCs and currently use an iMac for my video work — and I totally agree that it is all about the designer, and is like the Nikon v Canon debate. In theory. And there lies the problem.

Here is the basic problem that goes back to the first days of Microsoft and which I and colleagues at the time knew was going to cause trouble: Apple make machines and then you run software on it. MS make software, and then you get a machine to run it on. If you have a big and knowledgeable IT dept, or you are technical person, you may manage to get a well built PC machine where everything works together, and then you will have a great machine to rival any Mac.

Mac vs pc pros cons 2011

But bear in mind, as has been noted elsewhere here, it will NOT be cheaper for the same spec. I recently speced a PC machine for a friend who wanted a high end machine for video editing in 4K. As we all knew back in the beginning, PCs would be built down to a price. Walk into a store and buy a PC, then ask them to upgrade it, and you are likely to get a mis-mash of conflicting hardware problems.

My point? Use a PC if you really know about hardware. Even though this article and comment thread is technically ancient in terms of computing, the basic argument is the same. I now use both a Mac and a Windows 10 PC in my graphic design work for a large company — and I still find the Mac to be the most efficient system when it comes to RAM management, bluetooth tracking wireless mouse , and file previewing. I regularly have to work with InD, PS, Ai, and Bridge open at the same time and Mac has long been able to handle the multitasking without needing as much physical RAM as the PC, as well as allow me to have each application up on a full screen of its own Spaces.

Windows has only recently added the multiple desktop feature and it is clunky and not intuitive to switch desktops and they seem to function independently of each other as though the user would not expect to be interacting with them interchangeably. Bluetooth hardware on windows is also clunky and something I refuse to use for creative work — despite how silly it feels to use a wired mouse and give up all the gesture functionality that Apple has integrated into their OS as well as basic things like scrolling right and left rather than just up and down.

Mac vs PC

So many of these things come down to both the hardware and the software and the Mac is much more effective for me. Animated Video. Aesthetics and superb product integration make working on anything Apple FUN and easy. As a product designer myself, today working on graphics and photographic projects, I derive absolute pleasure every day from my tools and how well they work together… thats worth so much and yes you pay for high quality and great engineering and design in every product and accessory you buy.

Whether one is more capable than another is less important these days, what makes you feel great and do your best work does. Apple Macs are really well built, the tower Mac was upgraded by a brilliant engineer in California and rivals the speed of the trash can model. I do however eagerly await the next generation MacPro Apple have promised as a fitting upgrade for my brilliant old workhorse. To having fun and working on anything Mac! Coming from a purely i. T background, and having worked in the publishing industry for over 20 years, supporting both mac and windows based computers, I can honestly say there both as versatile and, they both suffer from the same failures in hardware if there badly designed.

In my opinion the iMac was a disaster, the heat would cook the video card and the power supply, made by lite-on was not robust enough to handle line fluctuations. These two issues are solvable by 1 opening up the unit and removing the grill over the top air relief slot with an angle grinder. And 2, using an APC smart U. S to keep a clean sign wave supplied to the unit. As for repairing O. S failures the mac is not as practical as windows, but it is simpler if you know where to look. In my opinion there both just hardware, and they have always been that way.

If you build a mac from mac parts in a good ventilated enclosure you will have trouble free computing, the same goes for windows. Maria garner. Adobe Photoshop Was Born on the Mac Over 25 Years Ago John and Thomas Knoll built the first version of Photoshop on a Macintosh Computer, because it was essentially the only computer with a color display and the capacity to handle the program they were building. Mac vs.

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PC Today in Graphic Design Due to changes in how users understand and relate to technology there are many graphic designers today who use Windows-based PCs to get their work done. Using Thunderbolt 2 for large file transfers or connecting to 4K monitors, especially when using laptops Integrating a workflow that uses other Apple devices such as the iPad and iPhone.

Operating System preference for usability and minor features. Windows Computers cost dramatically less for the same performance specs, particularly in laptops. Access to Windows-only productivity and business software.

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The ability to upgrade and customize hardware to specific needs. Categories: Design , Features , Graphics Tags. Apple Graphic Design Mac Tech. Bryan May 22, at pm. Mac has one big advantage over PC: Applescript. David Blatner May 22, at pm. Connor March 19, at pm. Camerique September 8, at pm. Gard May 22, at pm. Roberto Blake May 22, at pm. But there are three additional issues I think need to be brought up in this discussion: First, viruses and malware are very clearly worse on Windows.

Tevin H July 20, at pm. Linda August 29, at pm. David September 17, at pm. Gary Coyne May 22, at pm. Best, Gary. Kort May 27, at pm. Roberto Blake May 27, at pm. Tony Grey May 22, at pm. Steve Winslett May 23, at am. And we had no viruses! Kevin March 27, at pm. Benjamin Dittman August 19, at pm. Boris May 23, at pm. Kevin Boulier May 27, at pm. Donato May 27, at pm. Guest November 2, at pm. ChiMaxx May 23, at pm.

Luke Duran May 27, at pm. Bret Donaldson May 27, at pm. Barbara Olsher May 27, at pm. Nikko May 27, at pm. Dieter May May 28, at pm. Roberto Blake June 17, at pm. Jim Jordan June 25, at pm. Robin Stachura August 6, at am. Lindsey September 8, at am. Thanks for the post, I do appreciate it as a starting point for my next purchase! Roberto Blake September 8, at pm. Nicole September 28, at am. The Norwegian October 15, at am. Paul October 21, at pm. Peter November 13, at pm.

Roberto Blake March 8, at pm. Anne N Emous December 15, at am. Igor Freiberger January 2, at pm. The edge on performance Mac once had is not relevant anymore, but a number of other factors still make me prefer the Apple platform: Leon January 27, at pm. Erik Nanstiel February 2, at pm. A February 3, at pm. Michelle March 8, at pm. JMahurin March 18, at am. Zharia May 15, at am. James Halstead May 17, at am. I just think must people are fooled by Marketing Campaigns. ProMac May 23, at pm. BigAl June 3, at am. That migrating to a pc is far easier than migrating to a mac?

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