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when itunes backs up my iphone where does… - Apple Community

Phone Numbers:. Not Member? Sign up now. Forgot Password? Click here. As such, the application or cloud service should include the functionality for the user to export or save their contact data to a location or other application of their choice. I hope your reply doesn't express official Apple policy, but there are many signs these days that it does. Aug 9, AM. Oct 10, PM in response to ashtreex In response to ashtreex.

I agree, Once I backup via itunes, I should have a mechanism on my pc to reassure me that every one of my contacts exists. Instead it's in some unreadable set of binary files which mean nothing to me. It's important I know that they exist before apple wipes out my entire phone to do an IOS upgrade. I don't have or use outlook.

I have gmail, but don't know how to import from or to there from these binary files. I tried from itunes but it didn't work because I dont have groups created.

Locate backups of your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Oct 10, PM. Try reading the User's Guide and Apple's own support documents Oct 11, AM in response to wiclee In response to wiclee. Also I found an app, Import and extract contacts, which will do just what it says, and make a separate list in your address book. Oct 11, AM. Question: Q: when itunes backs up my iphone where does it store contacts More Less.

iPhone backup location Windows PC:

Communities Contact Support. Delete or copy iOS backups on your Mac or PC Don't edit, relocate, rename, or extract content from your backup files, because these actions might ruin the files. Choose the backup that you want to delete. If you have several devices or backups, hover the mouse pointer over the backup to see more details.

How to Extract Your iPhone Contacts to CSV file from iTunes

Click Delete Backup, then confirm. Using iOS Tap the graph that shows your iCloud usage, then tap Manage Storage. Click iCloud.

Locate iOS backups stored on your Mac or PC

Click Manage. Select Backups.

iTunes backup location on Windows 7/8/10 and Mac

Select Backup. Learn about encrypted backups in iTunes. Yes No.

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