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Our predictions of the best deals are coming through as we see discounts for smartwatches and other tech. Check these deals to save on wearables from Samsung. Posted 6 hours ago — By Drake Hawkins. My great grandfather farmed for most of his life in Iowa and California. He kept a daily journal that was incredibly brief and almost entirely agricultural in nature. My aunt still has most of his journal volumes; a typical entry is one line of cramped handwriting that says something like "Light rain. Planted oats. So, some sort of documentation is a good idea. Farmers have kept records for as long as they've been literate.

And permies typically have more complexities going on than farmers; more different things planted more densely for a bigger variety of reasons. So, how do you keep track of it if you do? Do you have a big blank paper book, like my great grandfather? Do you use a spreadsheet on the computer? Do you keep a blog for the sole purpose of having some way to help yourself remember what you did last year?

Or -- and this is the meat of my inquiry -- have you found an app for that?

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I carry a smartphone. It's always in the left front pocket of my Key-brand overalls. It's got a ton of memory and a microphone and a camera and a compass and a GPS. I can talk to it, I can type on it with my thumbs, and I can take pictures of what I see and have the phone remember where I was standing when I did it.

Thus it seems to me that there OUGHT to be a perfect app for that phone that would help me document my plantings. But I haven't found it yet. There are a ton of gardening apps out there; they'll help you plan a certain sort of garden, they'll nag you about planting windows in your zone, they'll recommend just the perfect poison to kill what you don't want while hopefully not killing your kids.

There are notepad and reminder apps that work for the most basic functions. I can, and do, use these to make the sort of notes my great grandfather did. But I'd like something more. At a minimum, I want to be able to associate photos and voice memos with my notes. I know I could find an app that would do that. But I really want something designed for tracking agricultural efforts.

For example, I just planted a fruit tree. I'd like an app that lets me track that tree, keep a file of pictures associated with that tree with prominent date stamps, lets me attach photos of the instructional tag that was on the tree when I bought it and the receipt from the store that promises me my money back if the tree dies in the next year. There should be a way for me to record verbal musings about that tree and attach them to the tree's record.

All of my notes about that tree over time about irrigation , fertilization, deer browse damage, winter damage, fruit production should be visually presented with the record of the tree. And of course, there needs to be a way to do this for every planting I do of whatever sort. Ideally, there'd also be a way to create a conceptual map or rough outline of my gardens or orchards or food forests, with icons for each significant feature that open up the files on that feature when touched on the touch screen.

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I know that if I want the perfect app of my vision, I'll have to program it myself probably not gonna happen. But surely there's something good-and-useful out there for smartphones? Tell us about it! Cj Sloane. I use a spreadsheet for documenting my harvests and foraging. For example, last year I picked lbs of apple drops from various locations and distributed them to all the livestock.

If it's a good apple year, I'll try to beat that number. R Scott. Type up a meeting or journal entry. I take pictures sometimes, but limit that because those files get lost eventually. My grandpa's journal was one page per day and one year per line. So as you wrote your entry for that day, you could look back over the last years and get a trend.

I really should start the same. Just now I typed "garden journal apps smartphone" into Google in the hopes of finding something useful. This thread , LOL. Jen Shrock. Aren't searches so helpful? I figure that I can do a word search if I am looking for something specific later on. I am not used to doing a journal, though, so it is a learning experience and I have to try to remember the darn thing. I have caught myself doing things and then remembering quite a number of days later that I should have documented it.

Maybe I should set myself an alarm on my phone to go off the same time each day and try to get myself into the habit of doing it. What is the frequency that everyone typically journals? Is it every day like some have mentioned past family has done? Charli Wilson.

In theory I keep a notebook a digital one- so its searchable. In practice it may not always get updated as it should. Michael Cox. I really like the idea of a large page-per-day journal and putting an entry on each page each year. That way you keep the progression year to year all in one book. I also take photos on my smartphone and post them to facebook, so if I note the album name each time I should be able to relocate the images easily.

I'm hopeless about losing tags to plants so keeping track of varieties is particularly important to me. Especially as I may eventually end up propagating to sell. I like to use a blank journal so I can add any kind of information that suits me at the time. Some years I have written detailed notes on all that I am growing and harvesting, but some years I just make rough diagrams and planting maps.

I also add periodic drawings or photos of homestead highlights. I don't keep my homestead journal digitally because it feels like too rigid a format. I have used 3 blank journals in the past 25 or so years, but in that same time I've used many different phones and computers. Twice I've had computers crash without being completely backed up. I've really enjoyed having the homestead journals on paper because I also record the stories there that go along with the planting and harvesting records.

My whole family enjoys pulling them out and reliving some of our zanier moments. I don't think it would be the same on my phone. The fact that a paper journal is less accessible requires me to be more intentional about recording things. I don't tend to use it every day or even every week. I don't mean to imply that there is no place for digital record keeping, only that it doesn't suit me as well as paper.

Creating a Garden Journal with the Deluxe Garden Kit by The Scrapologist

Karen Walk. Memoires android app actually does most of what you want. Alex Ames. So I thought I would put a few dayililies in my back yard. Just to keep them straight I jotted down the names and locations. First thing you know I had this! Along these lines, I'm waiting for someone to create cases for phones and tablets that would make them usable with soily hands, or maybe even gloves on Chris Badgett. You need a WordPress powered website that you can easily send content to from your phone. To make the website super useful, you'll want to organize, categorize, and tag your content.

Otherwise, you'll end up with just a Tumblr style site which is cool but not as organized and curated as it could be. Just so that I know where particular cultivars of larger things are planted in my yard, I have been using my design from PDC and adding the names to it. Some of the stuff is still generic, but some I have specific cultivars listed. Some of it is actual and some is left over from the original design for the course.

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I should go through and make what is not actual generic and take out a few things that I have decided to rework, but I do use it for keeping track of where certain things are in my yard. Here is my design where I keep track of what is going on for my site. I am not sure if this is exactly what I want in the end, but for now it works. Peter Ellis. This sounded promising, but searching the App Store brought up a bunch of memory quiz games and nothing that looked like what you described.

Could you double check the name, or give a link, please?

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It sounds promising and I would like to give it a try. If you search for "memoires the diary" it should be the first result. Keeping a blog and using tagging sounds interesting too. Matu Collins. I use paper but it's not an ideal system.

Keeping a diary of everything in the garden is both pleasurable and practical with new apps

I forget to enter important info and sometimes I leave my journal or notes in the garden. I'd really like an app that helped me to remember to enter tree data like date of planting, flowering, yield etc. Case Thomas. I am experimenting with using free, optional 'premium subscription' Evernote. Judith Browning. I quit keeping records a few years ago I found I wasn't that good a record keeper and I would feel guilty if I didn't write things down and then I thought who cares?

This makes me think harder about what I am planting and when and where by instinct and some memory and more immediate weather patterns I check the moon signs when I remember Lots of food Gary Lewis. I use FieldNotesLT a free version app for my iphone for some stuff Its not really a journal Elissa Teal. Richard Hauser. I came here because seems this topic seems to be a natural Paul Wheaton worlds collide topic, being both a Permaculture and Java OK, not exactly Java, but Android topic.

Permaculture is all about polyculture , natural disorder and observation, so with all this diversity, as others have mentioned tracking all the different plantings would seem to be an issue. So I was thinking about taking a page from my normal job and tag and track each plant individually in a database. This will allow many of the features mentioned. Excel can be accessed like a database so you could set up alarms like "berries probably coming in next week", or "coppice soon", etc.

I just started this idea today, so this may not work, but is there a better way? That sounds like an excellent idea for selective breeding. You can keep track of yield and quality of individual trees , how they do in various weather. Angelika Maier. The notes to take are different for the annual vegetable garden easy if I would stick to it and the perennial garden.

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  7. I would love to have a more or less accurate map with all the plant names, cultivars etc.