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Mac DeMarco Detained, Fans Arrested During UCSB Concert

He connects not simply because he's "chill," but because his relaxed self seems borne of extreme self-confidence. His music isn't for situations that are laidback in and of themselves. They're for the unguarded moments you might share with another person where the both of you are comfortable without reservation. Music made for the end of a rooftop barbecue, when the sun dips, the beer is nearly gone, and everyone who doesn't want to be there has already gone.

Here, you can be honest, goofy, even silent; all of it is accepted without a dissenting word.

I HAVE NO TALENT FOR TAKING PHOTO, BUT I LOVE YOU. — Mac Demarco & Andrew VanWyngarden

This type of sincerity without precocity is rare in art, and the contrast between the content of DeMarco's music and the content of his character only highlights his singularity as someone whose contradictions build toward a vibrant self, rather than collapsing in disarray. It's like a novella, or a made-for-TV movie—something to chew on while we wait for the next major project.


There are four slow songs and three songs that are a little less slow but still plenty relaxed, all of them filled with little details to catch your ear. The solo in "The Way You Love Her" was written with Robbie Robertson 's strictured tone in mind, even as it ends up a few steps closer to the nu-reggae swing of Magic!

The twinkling chord progression on "Without Me"—amongst his prettiest songs ever recorded—is buttressed by a cloud of washed out synthesizers, creating a lovesick feeling as he sings about accepting that a woman is better without him. The wink of the album's title turns introspective on the title track, with a deeply languid DeMarco ruminating about the uncertainty of his relationship while wondering if "another one" is knocking at the door of his beloved. While Mac was making coffee, we sat on the couch and waited. The room was full of a bunch of costume-like clothing, a couple air mattresses, and a cardboard cutout of Justin Beiber.

Then, Mac entered the room with several mugs and his French press.

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He poured us a cup, lit up a cigarette, and asked about us. Then, another guy entered the room with a two-foot-tall cacti.

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In front of the doorway, he quickly asked Mac a question, then turned to leave the room. Meanwhile, Tall Juan entered… and the cacti hit him right in the eye.

Did I get ya? So, we posed with Mac on the couch and held up our mugs. For the last fifteen minutes, discussion consisted of the supposed Berenstain Bears conspiracy and whether they were known as the Beren stein or the Beren stain Bears.

Mac DeMarco trusts his fans to stick with him, and bring him donuts

When so much of his booming fan-base already wanted, desperately, to hang out with him, he invited them in his home…no sweepstakes, no credentials necessary. On our way, a friend of ours, stuck at work and jealous of our trip, sent us a screenshot of a tweet from Mac that read: When it seemed we had lost all hope, I looked at my calendar and realized it was the day after the week and a half he mentioned! Posted 3 years ago.