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I bought 2 1GB sticks and headed home. Apple never broke the 3GHz barrier with these machines, and instead added processors and later cores to try to compensate when PCs were running at over 3GHz. The G5 processors also ran incredibly hot, so the G5 featured nine lower-RPM fans to keep things cool.

Its successor, the Mac Pro ran cooler and faster and is still hovering at just slightly faster. I hate Adobe Flash as much as the next person, but sometimes you still need it.

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I use ClickToFlash to only use it when I need it. In its infinite wisdom, Adobe decided that Visiting Hulu, I was greeted with a you-need-to-update-Flash dialogue box that was within the Flash player. I decided to play along, and it decided to download After getting it installed, online video seems to work pretty well, even if the computer starts to sound like a jet plane.

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I find it funny since I always gravitate towards a desktop Mac being my do-everything powerhouse computer and a laptop good for on-the-go. This leads me to the question of how to use both machines.

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Right now, I plan on using the G5 for any sort of web browsing and multimedia tasks mostly SchwarzTech Radio , but I can also do some quick edits of the site and whip up some graphics. I also backed up my iTunes Library so I can have a redundant copy of my music and not worry about keeping other computers awake to use it.

Airport Extreme Card Install Test for 2006 Mac Pro

I wanted to use the Magic Trackpad I picked up discounted with it, but it requires Therefore, the MacBook Pro will use the wireless aluminum keyboard which was supposed to go with my iPad, but never gets used and Magic Trackpad. Should be fun with Lion. I actually picked up another for my dad, which will be a bit of an upgrade for his light email and web browsing. The Power Mac G5 is pretty obsolete, if you ask Apple, Adobe, Microsoft, and many other software developers, but with the right combination of software and expectations, still holds up quite well even today. About Archive Subscribe.

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    Verified Purchase. It would have been nice if it worked on OS 9 and backwards as well but I suppose it was a relatively new technology back when OS 9 was still around, so it might have needed driver software outside of what was built into the operating system.

    External WiFi antenna for iMac G5? (what kind of ant connector does the AE card use?)

    Did not think this such a card was available, life saver! I like. Great quality product and works perfect in a G5 apple mac. See all 4 reviews. Can anyone suggest where i can get one? Or any alternative that is just as good? I live in Ireland so i am quite limited to what i can get with ease. Beachballs - Computer seems slower than it used to? Read this for some slow computer tips: Speedup - Almost full hard drive?

    SchwarzTech — Article: I’m Still Here: Revisiting the G5

    Some solutions. Out of Space - Apple Battery Info. Here's an example of what you need: Oh i know i cant put any card in it, that is why i am posting on this forum to see if anyone knows of any card that is easily available because i cant seem to find one. I have seen this airport card, is it worth investing in?

    Thank for your help by the way as i am a complete newbie when it comes to macs would this work? Originally Posted by kami. OK thanks. And i didnt know it was PCIe until i opened it up which was my own mistake. Yeah Im sorry and thank you for your help!