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Using Afloat to make the application window “Always on Top”

Launching Xcode Launching Visual Studio RoCky Wu Added serria soultion. Latest commit bfa Oct 30, Afloat Installer Afloat is always on top solution on OSX, you can follow this post to understand what does it do.

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Sep 22, Added serria soultion. A window will pop up to ask if you want to move it to Applications. You will have to disable System Integrity Protection before you can run the installation. Note : to re-enable System Integrity Protection, repeat the above steps but change the command to csrutil enable.

Making a window stay on top in macOS Moja… - Apple Community

Extract the zip file and open the folder in Finder. Other than keeping afloat, you can also set the transparency of your application window. Thanks for the detailed information! Keeping a window always afloat is an absolutely necessary element for notetaking while researching multiple sources simultaneously.

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Surprising that it is not a part of the standard OS. The directions were very accurate and I had Afloat up and running in no time——thanks for the great information. Thanks for your download instructions and really useful app. This lets me place a guitar tuner app over a score on the screen while practising music. If I want to change the score, the tuner stays on top. Really useful when you have a musical instrument on your lap.

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Another useful feature is to be able to leave the tuner slightly translucent, but to go opaque fully on top if I click on it. To do this, go to Window.. Adjust Effects..

Always on top in MacOS Sierra

Thank you so much for this super easy to follow tutorial. I used to use Afloat all the time, but it disappeared with some system update or another.

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Welcome back old friend! But I guess, as always, the answer to that question is because… Apple. This is really great! I have been looking for such an app for quite some time.