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If you have an older version of Adobe reader and then installed a PDF viewer plugin in Safari, this could be the problem. Safari comes with a pre-installed PDF viewer that might also be conflicting with your older Adobe reader plug in. To fix this, you need to go into Safari's plug-in directory and delete the old plug-ins. Or you can read on for an alternative solution. After upgrading to Mavericks, it seems to be a common issue that Safari can't open a PDF file and instead opens to a blank page. To return to normal viewing of PDF files, you can try 3 different solutions.

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Here are the steps to follow so you can use Safari to download PDF files from websites:. The only drawback is that you can't preview the PDF files before you download them, but otherwise this is a good option. Chrome works similarly to Safari in macOS X Simply download and install Chrome on your Mac to open and view. PDF files from online in Mavericks. If you can't open PDF in Safari, there are other options. The program comes with powerful tools that allow you to easily create, modify and even convert PDF files quickly and easily.

This tool offers many valuable features that will let you easily edit, combine, transform and organize your PDF files.

Safari Can't Open PDF Files in OS X Mavericks? See the Solution

Simply add or delete text, or edit images within your document. You can even make the content more secure by applying a password either to the entire document, or to sections of it. Plus, you can easily extract sections of the document and create a whole new PDF document from the extracted text or combine multiple formats like Word and Excel into larger PDF files. Custom headers and footers allow you to track PDF pages effortlessly as well. Launch the program and then drag and drop the file you want to open into the main window.

How To: Save a Document as PDF on Mac (from Safari) – Academic Technology Help Center

Once the PDF is open you can proceed to edit the document. To edit the text, click on "Edit" to enable editing mode, and then click on the text you wish to edit. This will bring up a blue box around the text. Simply click inside the box so the cursor appears and then start making the required changes to the text.

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If the steps are followed completely then a PDF file which has been accessed using safari will always be opened in new tab. The configuration steps which are to be followed are as under. Note: If the configurations have been done successfully then the Safari would first download the file and then open it using default PDF viewer.

Use Safari to Download Needed PDF Files

Such configurations are also important for other add-ons which means that browser based issues are resolved using the steps mentioned above as they are not PDF limited only. It is very important that the issues of PDF related to Safari are resolved for a seamless view.

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It will also make sure that PDF files opening never requires external program such as abode reader. This issue has led the Mac users change the browser.

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Instead a blank page is shown. This is also a common issue which can easily be resolved. The PDF file is distorted if Safari preview is used to access the file. It is very common issue and once again the resolution is simple.

Just restart Safari and reload the PDF file to resolve the issue completely. Try reopening PDF in Safari. Click the save button at the top of the window. When the download completes click it to open PDF in Safari. Delete the selected item in the finder window to resolve the issue.

Safari Not Opening PDFs? – Here’s How To Fix It

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