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It's best you head back to reading the startup stories on Hacker News. Now that I've clarified that the "having the hacker spirit" means being condescending to normal people, we can move on to hacking on a mac. We should also be aware that playing with a binary file without the source code falls in to the "difficult" category of programming. If you'd like a non-vehicle based analogy: cracking is like taking a several hundred-thousand piece jigsaw puzzle and being asked to swap out a tiny section of the final picture for a new design, with the constraint: you're not allowed to put any parts back together yourself - you just have to find the correct few pieces, paint them a new colour, and put them back in the box.

Sounds fun! Let's get on with it I've already said I'm not telling you the name of the application - this isn't an article about releasing warez, it's about figuring out how stuff works - so what follows is more of a story than a tutorial. It's going to be up to you to test this stuff out, and see what you can break, or fix. Thankfully, the ideas and techniques will work on a huge percentage of programs out there. We'll need a few things before we begin. Mostly just standard or fairly standard Unix utilities:. The rest just make things easier!

Pretty nifty - everything important is already on our system! With the tools in place it was time to find out a bit more about our binary friend Fravia always stressed the importance of never "hacking blindly" and learning to "feel" the code. He also advocated drinking good alcohol while hacking - a lesson I've held in my heart to this day. So to get a bit of a sense of what we're dealing with use the file utility to find out what our target, "Spannr", is hiding.

Ok, we have a couple of architectures buried in there. We'll run with the i, if we need to choose I guess. Instructions are going to look different if you are using a 32 bit or a 64 bit machine - but you can figure it out. The next tool on our list is nm. According to its man page, nm is a tool that will "display the name list symbol table of each object file in the argument list".

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What does that mean?! Let's just run it against our target and find out hey?

White Hat vs. Black Hat Hacking

Whoa boy, looks like hacking got lots easier since the 90s! We get a list of every method and property in the executable - including seductive names like verfiyLicense , isLicenced , and setIsLicensed. Well, there goes the "divining" part of this exercise - might as well get on with the hacking. I'm assuming that not every binary is going to be loaded with symbols, so we'll just call this beginners' luck: though I tried a half-dozen other apps and they all looked the pretty much the same.

Now is a great time for you to check out a couple out of binaries for yourself. Try a bunch of different apps: big ones, little ones, native ones, crappy ones. Pick something interesting, then read on You can also open it straight up in Textmate if you use it with mate. Names can be deceiving, so next we'll disassemble the target and have a squiz at some machine code. Not as nice to read as CoffeeScript, but prettier than binary. To make things a little easier on the eye, try using the otx tool - it uses otool under the hood, but does some "demunging" of names and makes the code more readable.

Even so Your best bet is to just dive in and start looking around. Dodgy machine code primer: The first number you see on each line e. Values are can be pointers to memory locations, or simple integer numbers. Registers are like variables: but there are only a few of them - so you'll see a lot of pushing and popping and moving the values of the registers around. Finally, instructions are the low level commands that all programs are made from: "move a value to a register", "do a logic 'and' to a register and a value", "add two values" and so on.

If you write a small program in C, then disassemble it you'll start to thank your lucky stars we don't have to do all our programming in assembler. So we have a few method names that are interesting to us. I personally like the sound of this isLicensed method - it has a boolean result You can check this if you disassembled with otx or if you run the file through class-dump so it's likely that we can apply the age-old. Unfortunately, searching for all the occurrences of isLicensed easiest to see in the otx output shows that this method is called in a few different places - and that means we'd have to patch them all.

Additionally, if we apply this type of crack the program will never set itself as "registered" - it just gets tricked when it goes to kick us out. A quick once-over of the verifyLicense method doesn't look good: My assembler is rusty at best - but this lengthy bit of code is comprised of a whole bunch of string manipulation, calls to crypo libraries and private keys and But this is most certainly the place to be if you wanted to create a keygen - you'd just have to figure out what every call did and how it calculates the correct results.

In the end I decided to combine the Fravia "code feeling" approach with my own personal "laziness" approach: rather than target the return point of the isLicensed function, we will just force the function to always return true - no matter where it is called from. Sure, the program is not reeealy cracked, but then we only have to patch one place - and as long as the popup message is gone, who cares?

You'll have to make these kind of decisions on a target-by-target basis: setting breakpoints, running the program, and using it as usual - figuring out where things are called and where might be the best place to patch. Enough of this dead list reading - it's finally time to fire up the debugger and test out our ideas on the running program. A debugger like gdb will load and run an application, but lets you stop the execution any time and examine the current state. The host program doesn't even realise that time has stopped - so you can poke and prod, changing memory values and machine code instructions!

When you continue the program running, all your changes are still in memory. Very cool. What's going on? Well, our debugger loaded the program up and has now stopped it at the very first line of machine code. It awaits our command. Also, books are highly ineffective considering the fact that the infosec field advances very fast and tools that were standard an year ago can now be absolutely useless.

How can i install a 32 bit kali linux on my 64bit laptop? I have tried to install it but it says on the start of the installation that "live system kernel and kernel dont match" and then when its almost done installation it says that it cannot install grub boot IF your pc is a 64 bit why you want to install the 32 bit version???? It looks like you have messed up your master boot record. Did you side install kali with windows or dedicated your whole disk to kali. I have installed Kali Linux on my Desktop and want to proceed further to gain more knowledge.

How To — Get Your Mac Ready for Hacking?

How do I proceed. My aim to learn Ethcal Hacking. I do have a small, tiny USB wifi but that thing barely has any range at all. I might have to bite the bullet for that awesome WiFi card. Looking at its power output, ma! That is crazy insane. Maybe ill talk my dad into it or get a job this summer or something. The Pen test site look rather fun to test, quite honestly. I don't know linux commands very well as I previously stated, but ill try to learn them. Done Reading package lists Done Building dependency tree Reading state information Done 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.

Usin Firefox or Opera browsers. Is it possible that you have been trace in using Linux? How you will prevent it? Can you change your ip or hide it while performing a hack?

Hack with the Mac Terminal

Thanks in advance. You don't have to worry about all this as a beginner. You'll be fine as long as you dont do anything illegal. Most of the hacking can be done on one's own computer. The best way probably the easiest to do this would be creating a fake facebook page phishing which can be done using the set toolkit in kali linux, then tricking your target into logging in into that fake page. Could you please kindly provide step-by-step instruction on how to do this in Kali?

First off I want to say how amazing your site is. Secondly, the link to your WEP tutorial doesn't point to anything does it still exist or did the link just get messed up? How to hack wifi wpa2 with evil twin method i have seen the video on youtube but i could not understand what actually he is doing so plz plz can u help me on this topic and make a tuitorial on it plz And i also want to ask which is the best method of wpa2 hacking i mean the less time consuming method.

It can take days. Bruteforcing in general is a highly time consuming process. My laptop has i3 processor ,gb hardisk 2gb ram Yeah, you need to find their IP and have to find a way to get through the firewalls which will block your connections on their ports. I have an ip adress of my friend who is in mumbai can i hack that and if yes than by which method I can't say. For 10 letter lowercase alphabets and numbers, it would take less than a day I suppose. Depends on a lot of things. Check out the link I gave you, they have suggested a great method which optimizes speed to a large extent.

Also, search for GPU cracking and hashcat. It won't take years. I was carelessly wrong in saying that it will take a day, and it's quite likely to be done in a week or so on a good computer with CUDA processors and hashcat. With crunch it will take longer. Can i use hydra and crunch together? My kali is giving me an error on Cudahash command not in directory what to do. Hello Sir, Does it matter whether if i use kali from a live usb or dual boot it from my harddrive??

And sir, what is this VMware or VMbox? We need 2 wireless adapter for hacking wpa2 using evil twin so is it possible to do with one wifi adapter. You might hack wifi with hashcat if hashcat supports that card, but still, with family integrated graphics controller you won't get much speed. Stop using Kali Live now, create a partition in your hard disk and install Kali Linux alongside windows.

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Bro how can we do with one adapter bcuz one will br used for net and another for acess point You can use your phone to provide internet and the wireless card to setup fake AP. I don't know what you did, how can I tell if you did it wrong or not. And I'm not going to watch that video.

You should comment the youtube video and get your query solved there. I will only answer questions directly related to something which I've written a tutorial about. Ok bro but i am a beginar so can i change the setting that it shall be my choice between dual booting and live in dual bootin rply soon. Dual booting wouldn't be easy for a beginner. You'll have to basically divide your disk in two parts and then install Kali Linux in one part and the other part already contains your Windows.

Google search about it, do some reading for a while, otherwise if you go wrong somewhere especially with partitioning, you'll end up formatting your whole hard disk and lose all your data. Search on the internet on how to bridge connections in Kali. Also read some books on networking, it will be helpful. I have created a backdoor file using SET now i want to ask u that if i gave that file to anyone will its laptop hack or just those latops will be hacked those r on my network or router.

LAN is pretty easy but hacking over the internet is harder primarily due to port forwarding and non-static IP considerations. See the port forwarding tutorial or look for a phishing tutorial on the internet. Can u tell me how to hack android world wide web my port forwading is workin for hacking facebook now i want know how to hack android world wide give me a link to understand it plz help me out bro. Bro can i hack whatsaap using kali dont tell me about keylogger some other method. Take a look at port forwarding tutorial under Facebook menu on top.

I'll make a detailed tutorial on it, but currently I'm busy with my school. Haha Shashwat I'm amazed at how you are able to answer half of these questions, considering how terrible their English is. XD Your site is very helpful and clean, keep up the good work! Please can I install kali Linux over an existing ubuntu or i will have to remove ubuntu first before installing kali linux? You can try dual booting or use some Virtual machine software which works with Ubuntu. You also have the option of running Kali live via USB. The issue is that I'm dual booting already, that is Ubuntu and Windows 7.

No you don't have to remove Ubuntu first. When you are installing Kali to a partition it will format the partition for you and Ubuntu will be gone and Kali will take over. Just make sure that during installation you specify the correct partition for installing Kali, otherwise you might end up having Kali overriding Windows instead.

Ethical Hacking Software | Top 15 Ethical Hacking Tools for Used [ OS ]

Bro can u give me a website to hack any computer using metaspolit on internet Now i have to know that if i create a backdoor will it work on another computer on a different lan i mean on internet. If you configure the backdoor properly it will work over the internet. You have to ensure that firewall doesn't block the backdoor's connections, and anti virus doesn't remove it.

Yes i know html but how to add that page to SET i mean that i have to give it a website to clone that but how can i puy my page. Plz tel soon. Thanxx buddy! But i have a question should i keep the port to which is default or to 80 bcuz in my port forwading i have kept the port Can i make changes in my facebook clone page which i have created with the help of SET changes like adding a photo,typing something extra.

No it's not just you. I added a content locker on one of my posts. But it seems to be affecting a lot of pages. I'll try and fix it. I have seen ur dual booting tutorial but i dont know how to run gparted Nvidia is a hardware or software? Rply soon. I am confused buddy Hi dude! And bro please make a update on ur page U r the best I'll try and manage to get some time for the evil twin tutorial. I'll try to see what I can do about the comment system. Is there anyother way to hack facebook.

I have read ur tutorials on pentesting and i have a question that if i have to crash the windows 7 outside my lan then what changes i have to make? Hey Houtarou -San, I am fine.

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As far as Facebook hacking is concerned, it's a difficult task. Facebook Hacking Is Tough We have a few posts on doing it via social engineering Hack Facebook With SET You can search the internet for phishing tutorials there are thousands of them , but they don't work without a great set of social engineering skills. Basically, I can't help you with hacking Facebook. The only thing that enables us to hack people's FB account is their stupidity, and if your target is stupid, phishing will do the trick.

I hope I could read all of the tutorials that are available here and could contribute to this site as well, keep this site up and kudos to you :D I began hating computers since I was a 7 year old child. But now I am kinda entering in the photography world and I need to know how to hack for good purposes, and for bad ones due to the cyber attacks increasing nowadays, so then I coud encrypt my stuff and in case of siege, return fire.

But this may be illegal… depending on the goal you want to achieve, or the target you hack into! Hey man dont just say you want to be a hacker being a hacker is not a choice is a determination i can help you become a hacker but you need to choose what type of harker you want to be white hats hacker black hats hacker or grey hats hacker. Help yourself, go learn programming languages, there are plenty of free websites out there.

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Go out and do your own research, learn programming, and check out websites like hack this site, figure it out. I wanna learn how to hack so that one day i can become one of the best hackers in the world. But where do i start im still in school, in y But i wanna learn how to hack. I like the idea n am from ethiopia I wanna buy the book could u tell me where i can find it Bcoz i wanna be a hacker.

My opinion is that, no body can become an elite hacker without programming. You will have to learn otherwise you will be known as script kiddie. I wanna download your book on PDF. Is that legal. Enjoyed the simplicity and energy of your article. July 12, am. Consider the following steps: Step Begin with the Basics For beginners who have little or no previous knowledge of hacking, it is always better to start off from the basics. Step Find a Good Source to Start Learning If one has a fair amount of experience in the field of hacking, there exists so many books and websites that give out technical information on latest vulnerabilities along with possible ways to exploit them.

Share Share 2. Comments Hey I love this but I was wondering if you know of any good websites that shows hacking for beginners like me? Hey that web site helped me to become a hacker. Now we are all hackers and Anonymous.