Mac mini hub hard drive

The Best External Drives for your Mac or PC

Configurations with a GB or larger hard drive installed include a temperature controlled fan. There are two versions of the Newer Technology miniStack. Version 2.

The best USB-C hubs you can buy

Each commands a modest premium compared to an off the shelf external hard drive and separate hubs, but for many users, the sleek design profile and convenience is well worth the cost. NewerTech miniStack The sleek miniStack is designed to perfectly complement the size, shape and color of Apple's demure Mac mini.

But owners of other Macs or PCs needn't feel left out. Each miniStack features a smart power switch so the drive turns on with your mini; a thermal probe that automatically regulates and varies fan speed according to the temperature; and provides an integrated 2-Port FireWire and 3-Port USB 2. The dimensions of the miniStack are 6. And, if one miniStack isn't enough, you can add more to your stack for all the storage space and ports desired.

AcomData mini Pal We know you love your Mac mini. But what if you need more? More storage, for instance. Or more connections for your digital devices.

Top Selected Products and Reviews

What about backing up your precious digital photos, music and other files that you would hate to lose should something go wrong? Well, now there's mini Pal, the perfect companion to your Mac mini from AcomData.

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