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I would like to use Automator 2. My PDF files must come from image files such as jpgs to pngs. If possible, I would also like to scale the images, keeping excellent quality, between the jpg and PDF so my file size is not huge. Currently, I can do this with Automator in 2 steps, print to jpg, then jpg to PDF but would love to do it in one click. Posted on Jul 24, AM. Page content loaded. Jul 24, AM in response to dasgud In response to dasgud.

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I guess I have to ask. A PDF is a container file. Jul 24, AM. Jul 24, PM in response to dasgud In response to dasgud. I don't use Pages, so can't help there.

Batch convert pages to PDF with automator or script?

Jul 24, PM. No version of Pages will allow you to export to an image format other than PDF.

If your goal is making individual document pages as. Select each separate thumbnail, and then export it to. It might be the same process for the PowerPoint files. This is a virtual PDF printer that looks like a "real" printer to the system, but creates a PDF file when you send a document to it.


After it is created, I put it in my Dock for easy access. In the Finder, drag your file icons to the Virtual Printer icon. For Microsoft Word documents, Microsoft Word will be opened and instructed to print each document to that printer.

Batch convert pages to PDF with automator or script?

Unlike the Microsoft Word Macro method, you can do this for any other document created by any other program. As necessary, the Finder will open the appropriate application and tell it to print to the Virtual Printer. All well-behaved MacOS X programs do this.

How to Bulk Convert Pages/Numbers/Keynote files to Word/Excel/Powerpoint.

NeoOffice for example doesn't, and thus batch converting native NeoOffice documents does not work for this printer icon method. If you install the open source AbiWord , you can batch convert from the terminal command line, e. Batch-convert Word-documents to PDF's free.

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Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Joe Mornin Joe Mornin 3 3 gold badges 12 12 silver badges 20 20 bronze badges. Did it get removed? Office has dropped Automator support. Could this be the reason you can't see that option?

Automator file-jpg-PDF conversion?? - Apple Community

Install pandoc and LaTeX. If they are in. Seems like the Automator solution doesn't work anymore. So there is a simple one. There are two mild limitations to this general method. Pikatchu46X Pikatchu46X 21 1 1 bronze badge.