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Same GPU so it will be compatible. The available videos showed using two mini 6 pin to 6 pin cables, then into a dual 6 pin to an 8 pin. I couldn't find those at any single source, but I did find a dual mini 6 to 8 in a single assembly from modDIY. That came this morning days after order. My Mac came up I proceeded with the That fared well; and the screen came back ready to proceed with the Mohave installation. A couple of inputs later and the install was on. There were a few long periods of dark screens monitors reported no signal , but eventually, a progress bar appeared.

There was another period where the progress bar seemed not to be advancing, but I fought my impatient concerns and kept my hands in my pocket figuratively. The progress bar advised another 35 minutes to go. I came back to check a couple of times and then it was asking for my password.

I entered, and all came to life as I expected. Since I had disconnected all ports at the outset, I shut down, reconnected everything, and restarted. All looks good, sort of. With the new card, two of the monitors are HDMI connected. I'm finding that text isn't as sharp as previously. I have to work on video adjustments to see what improvements I can make.

Try to match the output resolution to the display's native resolution, at least as close as possible. A match will be the sharpest no scaling, which will soften the image. My MacPro is mid, 3. Regards, Brian" Thanks Brian. Starting OS was High Sierra I was in and out of the room ; when the screensaver kicked in, I knew the update was ready for the next step. Firmware update went fine with the Radeon installed.

B00 to I did not disconnect anything from the back of the Mac Pro, but nothing was turned on other than the three monitors. I dismounted all hard drives from the Desktop when starting the upgrade process; no idea if they were accessed during the multiple restarts. Thanks to the previous reporters for their upgrade experiences. This report includes a note about boot problems with unsigned Extensions. Updated in place from The two issues I had were video-related and extensions. Video-wise, it seemed to not properly set up video in a few cases when I was debugging.

Since the card doesn't support EFI, the monitors just sleep like its connected but no signal. In a few cases, the monitors came out of sleep, but were still dark. I replugged the connections to trigger a refresh and it displayed fine. This was important with a few cases I booted to rescue mode, when I wanted to verify it was even doing anything. The biggest annoyance was it wouldn't boot fully after install. Screen stays dark and asleep for hours.

The top-end Kepler GPU is here for you, Mr Gamer

If I press shift to try to wake it, nothing. If I press enter, it beeps like "invalid key", as if it's booted enough to say "Wrong". At this point, you must remember how to boot safe-mode hold Shift. It came up fine. All good now, just dark screen after chime for a minute or two as expected. Going on 10 year old machine, still running the latest OS. I have a TON connected and had failed to disconnect them earlier when trying to get the firmware update to take.

Just FYI I was running After disconnecting peripherals, I was able to get the firmware update to install with the RX blank screen, but worked fine. Mojave installed in the same fashion, blank screen during boot but otherwise no issues.

Nice to not have to swap video cards. I hoped this would be true after Apple revised that Mojave support doc in August - saying some model cards like this without Mac ROM were supported. They also expanded the list of cards in their Install Mojave on Mac Pro article. I'll keep you posted if I flag any issues going forward. From the earlier comment I wasn't sure you had actually tried to update the firmware with only the RX installed, since with High Sierra the update required a mac ROM card.

And I think the lack of boot video until the setup starts which can take a long time may also have some aborting the update. Apple mentions that in the install guide, I made that note red text in above copy. I knew you won't see the apple logo when you press power button. The solution is you have to select the target disk as normal boot first and restart your computer.

Confirmed and Possible Flashable GTX 680 Models

Don't freak out with blank screen, it will take a while till you will see the setup screen. Then you can erase disk on "Disk Utility", and then I started to install So the firmware update went OK with only RX installed? What is your Mac Pro bootrom version after the The issue that I found is WiFi Hardware showed not installed and it's completely die.

See below. If no Wi-Fi, maybe no Ethernet also. Link now has a copy. Also heard Atheros not supported in Mojave.

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And there's Mojave threads here and here where other Mac model owners, including a Mac Pro have reported no WiFi hardware after the I wonder if the It was out in beta the day after I'm happy to say that things have gone smoothly with just a couple small wrinkles. The first wrinkle occurred while updating from Sierra to High Sierra. Once this firmware update was applied I installed High Sierra and applied all the updates from the App Store.

I then put my Radeon RX back in and things worked well over the last week. The second wrinkle happened during the Mojave upgrade. Upon running the installer again I got the notice that my machine needed a Metal compatible video card. It turns out there was no need to swap the Radeon for the GT in to run this Mojave firmware update. Odd boot rom version, normally has MP51 prefix. Can you confirm?

Since my initial report I've also updated my machine at home, which is nearly identical to my work Mac Pro it has a Xeon W 3. They both use the same Fusion drive arrangement and Radeon RX One other note for those interested. While it's too early to know for sure, so far things are running smooth and I've seen no issue with the update.

Unfortunately I didn't think to check either system's Fusion drive partition map type before updating from I would guess the partition map type was GPT, but that's only a guess. I don't have any other Fusion drives to compare that are still on High Sierra. I want to confirm that the Mojave I just got a message saying Mojave required a Mac with a Metal compatible video card.

Geforce GTX 680 vs Radeon HD 7950

As you note, I was running the Mojave installer on The firmware update on my home machine also ran fine with the Radeon RX installed. I didn't bother swapping my GT on my home machine during the Mojave update. Let me know if you have any further questions. So far I haven't had any issues with either machine. I've been using the card first with High Sierra and now Mojave.

Geforce GTX vs Radeon HD – Hardware Compare: Graphics Cards, CPU & SSD Comparison

Once you get used to the lack of a boot screen less problematic than I imagined it might be - there is a Mac Pro Boot ROM update required again for Mojave and unlike the one with High Sierra this was even possible with the RX installed it really is a great choice for these machines, reasonable power consumption, never gets loud and good p performance in games the only title I can't run is Mafia 3 but that appears to be it not liking dual CPU machines as single socket owners can run it. Thanks to Apple using the same card in their development box for eGPUs and the same chipset in the iMac it is really well supported.

I had the card on back order for many months after I first read about it being an option this was after the iMac 5K with the same chipset was announced because of the all the cryptocurrency miners. The main reason at the time for me upgrading was for the game F1 The GTX worked very well for that game but I did find the fan on the Nvidia card noisy under heavy load. Not yet endorsed by Apple, as the current draw seems right on the watt limit. A bit tempted, but might wait to see how it goes.

The performance is better with older Snow Leopard on this system, so I installed Mojave on another partition. Thanks so much, I am going to understand what you are saying. I want to do this, but I am a bit paranoid. I am on I just want to make sure I know what I am doing! Thanks for the info. I would guess that it would run better that way. This message was directed to Sobriquet Johnson. I personally would flash the motherboard firmware to that of the 5,1 model. The only hitch I have heard is that the Apple Store will still see your Mac as a 4,1 model and not let you download Mojave. If you know someone with a Mac that will download it, do so and make your USB installer stick.

It should install just fine on your firmware upgraded Mac. This included the latest Hello , it seems that the numbers for the MP6,1 are not correct, as the D score higher than the D? My HD metal supported, runs fortnite equipped mac pro mid will not run Mojave — during boot the screen goes blank and the wireless keyboard is unresponsive. Mine runs ok — make sure you have the switch flipped to the correct position Mac side not Windows side. Yes, I installed mojave in a mac pro 3. Hey Claudio, I own a machine like this myself and consider upgrading as well.

Did you simply use the original installer from Apple or the dosdude patched installer? How can any Nvidia Card run OS If the card was supported before, Apple is still providing drivers. So some older Nvidia cards still work. Unlike the High Sierra upgrade, and some Apple Mojave forum has threads on MacBook Pro owner install problems. As always, keep your working previous boot volume intact — or at least a backup clone. Many will wait for Note that on most Mac Pros, a firmware update will need to be installed before Mojave will install.

However, you cannot install a firmware update without a video card with a Mac boot ROM installed.

This means for most users whose Metal-capable video cards do not have Mac boot ROMs , a multi-stage install is required:. How do I search for this? I just did a Mohave upgrade tonight, I have a 4.

I was able to do the firmware upgrade although a bit scary since no boot screen, had to be patient and wait. I did not have to swap video cards, it went very smoothly. I can confirm that updating the firmware with the Did all your audio work? You can absolutely do the firmware update with a non Mac ROM card. Media Gallery. Members List. LAN Calendar. Thread Tools. Join Date: Dec Posts: 3. Dzzope Hall Of Fame. Posts: 3, My System Specs. Similar Threads. July 30, AM. Hackintosh build. March 14, PM. Cheap Hackintosh. June 29, AM.

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