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The first step is to find a suitable USB drive and make sure there are no important files on there, since the whole drive will be erased. Insert the USB drive into a free port. Now download free drive creation tool Etcher , mount the DMG, and install it to your Applications folder. Once MemTest86 has downloaded, extract the archive and launch Etcher.

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Click Select image , navigate to the extracted archive you previously downloaded, and choose the memtest-usb. Now click Select drive and choose the USB drive you want to use. Next, shut down the Mac you want to test and insert the USB drive you just created. Press and hold the Option key and power on your Mac. When prompted, select the external drive you created it may show up as EFI Boot by clicking the arrow to boot into MemTest.

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Wait for MemTest86 to initialize. Allow time for the test to complete; it took around 40 minutes on our test machine.

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Save the report if you find anything unusual and use it to seek help Need Mac Tech Support? Here Are Your Options "Tech support" — two words that strike fear into the hearts of all but the most competent computer users out there. Where do you begin to look when things start to go wrong? Read More on message boards like Apple Support Communities , or from a technician.

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Find Out What’s Using Your Memory

Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Enter your Email. Read our privacy policy. For most day-to-day use, that 8GB of RAM is sufficient for web browsing, email, social networking, running your favorite productivity apps, and even doing work with Photos. It does not come in a higher RAM capacity model, so take that into account if your future usage may require a bit more working memory. Our suggestion on the MacBook Pro? Mac mini Alas, the poor Mac mini — the neglected child of the Mac line. Will be the year that it is finally given a refresh?

Our suggestion? Most Mac minis are used for specific purposes, as Plex multimedia or small office servers.

How do I know if the iMac needs more RAM? - Apple Community

Mac Pro Finally we come to the Mac Pro, which will be upgraded sometime in the future. Will that future be , , or even ? You can do much better by purchasing your Mac Pro upgrade through MacSales. Mac Pro users are generally heavy RAM consumers, so buy the base machine with the storage and processor setup you need plus the minimum amount of RAM. But what about the older, more easily upgradeable Macs? The best way to do that is to go to your Apple menu and select About This Mac. Jump back over to the MacSales. Select yours, and follow the instructions on the next page you see.

Does your Mac Need More Memory? How to Know if you Need a RAM Upgrade

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